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Penetrates scalp skin cell, relatively easily for efficient delivery into the scalp tissues foundation. Cell food drops has pH of 4.5 +/- 0.5. Maintaining the normal pH of the scalp and hair is important for normal structure and functionality.

Regenerating, and repairing scar tissue.


Cell food drops activates the cells and promotes interaction between epidermis and the dermis to stimulate with a total of 97 vitamins minerals and amino acids all this organic.

Holistic Practitioner of Trichology Cell Food Drops

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  • Trace minerals play an important role in hundreds of body functions, from immune system support to healthy bones and joints. The cell food drops provide a full spectrum of vitally important minerals that your body needs.

    Other benefits of this powerful mixture:

    • increased energy
    • more alkaline body
    • stabilized blood sugar
    • stronger bones and teeth
    • electrolyte balance
    • blood sugar balance
    • better sleep
    • increased mental alertness
    • reduced joint inflammation
    • increased immune response
    • aids digestion
    • anti-aging properties
    • helps chelate heavy metals
  • After shampooing and Condition with HPT Cell food line, apply 5 drops to affected area on scalp.

    5 drops can also be taken orally under tongue.

    Apply Daily.

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