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Wilma Gros Hair Loss Expert Silk Press hair loss for MEN

Solutions for Men

Men’s  partial hair systems, hide hair loss such as male pattern baldness or bald spots.​Our men’s hair pieces are custom hair systems that are made to your exact requirements using 100% human hair. It is always styled to your face shape to ensure it complements your unique personality.Each hair system is specifically designed for your lifestyle. This is one of the key factors in determining what type of hair system is right for you.​The Certified Hair Replacement Specialist  will work diligently with you for your complete satisfaction. We will also guide you through the entire process ensuring the best option for your hair loss situation.

We are here for you.

For men dealing with hair loss, it can be an emotional experience. It not only robs a man of his sense of style, but also leads to self-esteem issues and social concerns. It’s best to take action immediately. We have a variety of hair loss treatments that are designed uniquely for each individual.  

A Trichologist will carefully question and examine your hair and scalp issues to assess the problem and its causes. This includes a pull test to analyze the amount of hair loss the client is experiencing.Microscopic analysis, A closed look to person lifestyle, eating habits and stress levels.

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