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Wilma Gros Hair Loss Expert Silk Press

Virtual Appointments

Come and learn the causes of your hair loss. Spend 1 hour with Wilma Gros, your Holistic Practitioner in Trichology, who will assist in finding the root cause of your hair loss and giving you recommendations on what steps to take to resolve it. This will include a CBC Report this report  can help evaluate your overall health and detect a variety of diseases and conditions, such as infections, anemia etc, This will also help in cellular healing. I will give you an insight on what to do to help yourself with the underlying issues causing your hair loss. From here you can make a decision to join my treatment programs. 

Essential Information

I will need the following blood work reading from the client a Full CBC, Full Thyroid, and Full Metabolic Panels. Once you purchase please send this blood work report to


These panels can be run by your doctor. Once you purchase please send a Full CBC, Full Thyroid and Full Metabolic Panels along with day and time you would like your appointment, phone number you can be reached and mailing address. 


I will reply with a questionnaire and a zoom link.  Please contact Hair Clinic for any further questions ‪(985) 224-5355‬

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